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Gravity & Hydraulic In-Feed Drum Style wood Chippers

Proudly manufactured in South Africa since 2008 and are tailor-made for African conditions. We specialize in the manufacturing of gravity-feed & hydraulic-feed wood chippers in the 4” to 10” range.
We pride ourselves in the reliability, simplicity and durability of TOMCAT CHIPPERS and after sales service and support is the cornerstone of our brand.
All drive components fitted to TOMCAT CHIPPERS are sourced from local suppliers with established and reliable dealer networks throughout South Africa such as BMG, BARLOWORLD, BURQUIP and YAMAHA. This assures that all spare parts are available fromTOMCAT CHIPPERS or from these local dealers.
TOMCAT CHIPPERS ……the leader in the pack!

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156 Heugh Road
Port Elizabeth
South Africa

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Tel:  (041) 581-3627
Fax:  (041) 581-7959


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