Feelthe Power:

STIHL Lithium-ion PRO (AP) System

Professional users need top performance, maximum energy efficiency and the greatest possible flexibility in use. The extensive STIHL cordless power system PRO range offers you all this, and because professionals can‘t choose the weather they work in, almost all our professional tools are suitable for use in the rain. Strong, Quiet, Professional: STIHL Lithium-ion PRO.

hta 85
msa 160 t
msa 160
msa 200
msa 220 c bq
rma 510
tsa 230
asa 65
asa 85
bga 86
bga 100
fsa 65
fsa 90 r
fsa 90
fsa 130 r
fsa 130
hla 65
hla 85
hsa 66
hsa 86
hsa 94 r
hsa 94 t

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