Farmers Association in Oyster Bay, Hosted by Oysterbay Lodge.


ALLCUT POWER PRODUCTS where privilaged to be asked to join the farmers association to give a brief introduction of what we really do.


We covered many topics, but put specific interest on the safety, maintenance and product knowledge.  On the safety side, we discussed the importance of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), PPE for Brushcutter & Chainsaws and the legal implications thereof as well.  Important maintenance and knowledge training that is to be done on a regular basis to ensure that operators and owners are 100% satisfied with the work being done effectively, with less wear & tear.  We discussed the importance of having Fire Fighting Units and the use of backpack blowers to aid in the control of a fire outbreak. 


It is very easy from our side to sell a product, but for us the importance doesn't lie in the sale, but the after sales.  So often people will spend money on something, but what happens when the troubles start.  We are here to provide that transfer of knowledge and asking you as a customer:  "How can we help you and exceeed your expectations today?"


So, please let us know...Anytime

 June 12, 2013
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